>> I like to make things.

  • Calculated Solutions
    A collection of solutions for upper-level physics,
    mathematics, statistics, and electrical engineering textbooks,
    created and visualized using RMarkdown.

  • Houston Hub – ERCOT Electricity Price Prediction
    The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) Houston
    Hub station is constantly subjected to high demand and
    little supply — which often leads to brown-outs and massive
    spikes in electricity prices. This predictive model anticipates
    price spikes, and creates a recommendation for buying and
    selling electricity.

  • Signals and Systems
    Interactive visualizations for Richard Baraniuk’s
    open-source textbook on digital signal processing,
    Signals and Systems.

  • Analyzing HPD Crime Data
    What are the safest times to walk or bike around your
    neighborhood?  When Google Maps returns a pedestrian
    or public transportation route, is it returning the safest path?
    How safe is the area you live in, really? Created using
    HPD’s crime beat data, ArcGIS, and Python.

  • Coursera Statistics with R Meetup
    A collection of course materials, walkthroughs on
    machine learning, and quizzes for the internal Statistics with R
    meetup I founded at Chevron.